Okay, so most of you probably remember last year's failed yearbook that never came out, well this year it is going to be different because, work starts now, and we will have more time.This time Around I am looking for a Co-Leader.

For user's who don't know this was the post that started it all!:

Okay, so guess what? I came up; with a great idea! A yearbook for the Avatar Wiki.

Complete With:
Users+Pictures(Okay not all users but mainly those who have been active within the last two months) Note:The photos are Avatarverse pictures chosen to represent these users.
Remember When.... (Ex: Remember when Team Plushie was started on IRC or Remember when we all did Parodies of songs?
Most like...( Avatar Characters, or Show Creators n' stuff;Seperate from Superlatives,

All put together on my Userspace! If your interested on helping drop me a message or leave a comment and you will be on the yearbook squad! Note:The Yearbook squad can have no more than 30 members.Joining is first come first serve.

P.S.People from the last project will be allowed to join first, if one of them wants to join, but all the spots are taken, than they will be allowed in and the latest user to have joined will be demoted!

Yearbook Squad:

TO REQUEST TO JOIN: Leave a comment with your name, and if you want to a)edit, b)Graphics, or c)Misc. okay?

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