• Suzon

    An Apology from Suzon

    August 6, 2012 by Suzon

    This apology is for Thailog, Lady Lostris, and The 888th Avatar.

    I'm really sorry for voting for your demotion on the forum, my former friends created. It was horrible of me. In all my time on the wiki; I have never gotten to that point in rudeness. In all honesty, I have nothing against you. It was more of a form of peer pressure from Omar and Matey right after the forum was created. I'm truly sorry and ashamed I voted for your demotion. I know you most likely won't forgive me, but I'd like you all to know how sorry I am. All of you are really cool people. I'm ashamed that we most likely won't be able to be friends, and I know that it was wrong of me.
    Joshua Kalinowski
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  • Suzon

    Avatar Olympics

    August 4, 2012 by Suzon
    Aang, Korra, Zuko, Bolin, Sokka, Asami, Combustion Man. Undecided Undecided Undecided
    More coming soon...
    Sokka, Zuko, Jet, Piandao. Undecided Undecided Undecided
    Synchronized Diving
    Sokka and Suki, Aang and Katara, Korra and Mako, Bolin and Asami, Mai and Zuko. Undecided Undecided


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  • Suzon

    The Avatar Wikilympics

    July 20, 2012 by Suzon


    Welcome, to the Avatar Wikilympics, hosted by .

    What Are The Wikilympics

    The Wikilympics is a contest hosted by Suzon, the contest is a trivia contest having to do with everything in or on the wiki. It will be played in Teams. The Team with the most points at the end of a month will win.

    • Trivia about Users
    • Trivia about Fanon
    • Trivia about Canon
    • Trivia about Pictures
    • Trivia about Blogs
    • Trivia about Edits
    • Trivia about Policies
    • etc.
    • Don't cheat
    • Don't spam
    • Don't troll
    • Have fun
    • At the end of 30 days; the Wikilympics will end.
    • The games will start July 22.
    Ways to earn points

    • Answering a Question Correctly (100 points)
    • Answering Two Quest…

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  • Suzon

    Suzon here! I just wanted to let you know I reccently downloaded a game maker; and if you message me I will make a game for your fanon. First Come First Serve.

    The Games will be uploaded on a website; I will choose which site is best; the games will be formated similar to Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3, the games need sprites, so I have various ones at hand; but if you want custom ones; ask someone to make them for you or make them yourselves, however I have a lot that are common objects and people in fanon.

    The games will need a story provided by you to me; and I will make them within a few days :)

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  • Suzon

    Some Avatar Innuendos

    July 6, 2012 by Suzon

    These are some I found:

    • Land spells out "Gay"
    • Zuko grabs June's breast, and Iroh gets a "Jealous" look
    • Aang hugs Zuko in a "wrong looking" way....
    • Looks like a male-exclusive "part"
    • Same as above
    • The Duke puts his male parts in a FN Soldiers face.
    • Rock shaped like male "parts"
    • When Ty Lee is trapped in rock, she is in a "revealing pose".
    • Aang touches himself in his "parts" , and closes his eyes, while smiling
    • The fire in the center is shaped like a male "part"

    • Toph: Aang, should you really be exposing yourself like that? Cover up!
      Aang: What? I'm wearing trunks.
      • Toph cannot see Aang's Tattoo's... 0_o
    • Zuko: "Listen everybody, I've got some pretty bad news. I Lost my stuff."
      Toph: "Well don't look at me! I didn't touch your stuff."
      • Toph is referring to Zuko…

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