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October 13, 2010
  • I live in Church
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is CableCaptain Actor and Camera crew
  • I am Male
  • Superstars111

    I have no idea. I wanted to make on for my profile (The ones that have a picture and allies and enemys and stuff like that) but I have no idea how to make it. I've tried clicking the edit button on random pages to see how it's made (And canceling after I was done) but I didn't see any codes or anything. Can someone help me please?

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  • Superstars111

    I see lots of blog posts asking if we should move or not. Move? Move why? Isn't it just a new look, but the same site? Why do we need to move? If we do move, where? Will this account I have move too? And everyone says the new skin is manditory, but it gave me an option! Does it move us if we change, but not if we don't? I don't understand all this! Can someone help?

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  • Superstars111

    I'm on a forum and we're doing some RP type stuff and a 'big orange thing that looks somewhat like a bear' is chasing us! I decided to call it a Platypus Bear. The person who thought it up hasn't ever seen Avatar though so it was a coincidence!

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  • Superstars111

    The Avatar movie

    October 13, 2010 by Superstars111

    I know I'm late with this, but I'm new here. I thought it was interesting, but inacurate. For one thing, the names were all wrong. I heard he just chose to use the Asian names or something like that, but I still liked the old way better. Another thing was the moves. They had to finish the move to do anything. That wouldn't be so bad, but the simple short moves are always really powerful, and the long complicated moves are weak! But I thought it was funny when there were those 15 or so earthbenders doing all these complicated moves and then finally they move one small rock. Wouldn't it be easier to just have each of them pick up a rock and throw it? Something I liked though was the firebender power. They actually need fire to be able to ben…

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