Ok, I would now like to really share my honest opinions for each respective book/season of Avatar: Legend of Korra. Also note that there will be no redirecting links.

My opinion - Book One: Air 

Honestly, I really think that Book One: Air, was a waste of time and that the only useful pieces of informative delivered were that:

  • bloodbending could be performed without the aid of a full moon
  • and then, of course brand-new characters, for example: Korra, Naga, Mako, Bolin, Pabu, Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Lin and Republic City.

What I did expect was more bending styles to be introduced, more information about The Gaang after the events of The Promise, The Search and The Rift and immediate appearances of the entire Gaang, but that could not be as Sokka and Aang died, Toph and Zuko were not seen until later books/seasons, Suki was on the other hand not seen or mentioned at all, but we saw Katara - not once but twice - that was enough.

My opinion - Book Two: Spirits 神靈

Next was Book Two: Spirits, which was quite rather interesting. I mean we saw:

  • a new type of bending, spiritbending, by Unalaq.
  • new characters that were introduced, for example: Unalaq, Desna, Eska, Tonraq and Senna (Ok, they were seen in the premiere and finale of Book One.)
  • and then the FIRST AVATAR, kinda seeing the Foaming Mouth Guy screaming now - but anyway, Raava and Vaatu.
  • learning more about the spirits, the Spirit Portals and the Spirit world.
  • learning about Harmonic Convergence - quite intriguing.

This is actually what I expected from Book One, yet it was only introduced in Book Two.

My opinion - Book Three: Change 

WOW! Where do I start? And I really mean, where to start?

We saw:

  • Republic City dealing with the spirit vine problem
  • New airbenders
  • Not just one antagonist, but a whole group - Red Lotus
  • A lavabender - Ghazan
  • A combustionbender (finally) - P'Li
  • A master airbender antagonist - Zaheer
  • ZUKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A new vigilante metallic city
  • Lin's half-sister, Suyin
  • Kai and Opal

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