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Prodigies - Main & Sub Elements

Superb37 December 29, 2015 User blog:Superb37

The following table below deals with individuals that could be identified as possible prodigies. There is a reason column, as to why that certain individual was considered a possible prodigy.

  • Note that: Azula was a confirmed prodigy by her paternal grandfather
  • Note that Kuvira was a confirmed prodigy by Suyin.
Element Prodigy Reason Prodigy Reason Prodigy Reason Prodigy Reason
Waterbending emblem Katara Watebending master & healing master Hama(possibly) Waterbending master, inventor of bloodbending & bloodbender Pakku(possibly) Waterbending master & White Lotus member Unalaq(spiritually vanquished whilst in the Dark Avatar state) Waterbending master, developer of spiritbending & can spiritbend
Firebending emblem Iroh Firebending master, can generate lightning, developer of lightning redirection, can redirect lightning & Grand Lotus member of The White Lotus Azula Firebending master, blue firebender & is able to generate lightning Zuko Advanced firebender (in early years), firebending master & can redirect lightning Jeong Jeong(possibly) Firebending master & White Lotus member
Earthbending emblem Toph Earthbending master, inventor of metalbending, can sandbend, can mudbend & can metalbend(possibly the best known earthbender in living years) Bumi(possibly) Earthbending master (can earthbend with eyebrow gestures) & White Lotus member Kuvira


Earthbending master & metalbending master Bolin Advanced earthbender & can lavabend
Airbending emblem Tenzin Airbending master & current leader of the Air Nation (since 170 AG) Jinora Airbending master (youngest known to receive her tattoos; at age eleven) & can project her spirit(due to her having powerful spiritual energy) Zaheer Advanced airbender (few days after having received airbending), airbending master & can fly Laghima Airbending master, first to achieve flight & could fly

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