Hey people! SuperJaws100 here! I am glad to announce the creation of my first fanon, Avatar: Tales of Aang. It's about Aang's life before he crashed in the storm that put him into suspended animation for 100 years. It starts out during the Relic Ceremony.

Here is a link to the Main Page: Fanon:Avatar: Tales of Aang

Here is a link to Chapter 1: The Avatar, Part 1: The Ceremony: Fanon:Chapter 1: The Avatar, Part 1: The Ceremony (Avatar: Tales of Aang)

After this series I will create several more series, likely to be entitled Tales of Katara, Tales of Sokka, Tales of Toph, and Tales of Zuko. Though these works are fan-fiction, they are based on real events and create an idea of what life was like before the Gaang's debut.

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