Took me a bit to come up with a catchy title. But when in doubt, you can always fall back on 300.

Anyhoo, back to the blog topic, chapter 5 of Better World, entitled "Aftermath" is still in the writing process. I've gotten through the first arc of the chapter, the rest I will try and continue soon. When shall I release this? DefinitelyLikely in July, any later and I'd really just be being lazy or really busy.

Now, what shall you expect? Well, like I've mentioned before, it is not action oriented, but jam packed with tension and riveting dialogue. This is where I give you readers the breather due to the excessively violent nature of the story thus far, lol. I'm attempting to give you chills, pretty much, maybe a little water works here and there, etc.

Oh, and don't worry, that's not really a line in the story, the caption for the image. I'm not that stupid, lol. :P

Well, with that, I bid you farewell with the anticipation.

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