Spare the Innocent promo

Hey, everyone. So, as you've noticed, "Spare the Innocent" has been taking a while to come out. I've, honestly, been procrastinating, but I'm getting to finish it! Yep, it's about half-way done. You've probably also noticed how I have given no plot synopsis or spoiler at all. I'm doing that so that you're not spoiled at all, because I'm hoping for this to become a classic. But don't worry, in a bit, I'll have a little description ready.

Anyways, so yeah, let's talk a bit about the chapter. As you can tell by the title, it will explore the theme of innocence. A lot of the lines and events in the chapter will be structured around people discussing innocence, and especially the realization of actual purity. New mysterious will surface, too, further adding to a drama. Oh, and two things will be revealed — what Lee and Slythrin are going to do about the murders, and some further answers to Sokka's crazy and violent hallucinations.

So, yeah, it's (hopefully) gonna be friggin' awesome. :P

Also, to the right of this text you'll see a *gasp* PROMO POSTER! Yep, it's the first one I've produced for the series, mainly to raise hype about this whole thing. If you can't see the top clearly enough, then it says "May thou be sanctioned by the law and the people but sanctioned for redemption..." (A quote from the chapter, BTW) Or you can just click on it and expand. And if you can't see that, then...go to the eye doctor. Seriously. :P

Oh, and the image of the rainy funeral was provided by "we heart it."

So yeah, hope you enjoy it when it comes out guys. Cheers!

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