Avatar COW 2

Promo-poster of Clash of Worlds 2, drawn by (duh) me.

'Kyoshi' marathon turns to humor for second day.

Hola! Como estas? Muy gracias. Cual es tu n—Ooops. My bad. Anyways, so, today was the second day of KR's "Revoltathon" marathon. Today consisted of solely the humor side of the series with the series' addition to Clash of Worlds 2. Meanwhile, we also get The Phoneox Chronicle part of the crossover, which I'll also be reviewing.

SPOILERS follow.

  • Part 2, Kyoshi Revolts: The good old humor Vaz used for his part in the original series returns for the second part of the crossover's sequel. We are treated to some nice references and great dialogue. I fell into hysterics when everyone was cheering for Ray to kick Lian's ass, but Slythrin merely hisses, "I hate you all." Just brilliant. There was some solid humor and great scenes, and though I felt some scenes were to adherent to moving on the plot, I was constantly entertained and realy enjoyed the whole thing. My grade: A.
  • Part 3, The Phoenix Chronicles: We then go on to see avatar's addition to the crossover, and featured some very solid one-liners, funny interplay, and wonderful randomness. I felt a little confused at points, but there was always a joke to fall back on. My grade: B.

Tomorrow you'll all be able to see my hilarious KR comics. Enjoy 'em. Peace.

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