Day one of 'Kyoshi' marathon leaves us breathless with four amazing new chapters.

Hi, everyone! Today marked the first day of Kyoshi Revolts' first marathon event, dubbed the "Revolathon." The poster for the event can be seen over there on the right side of the screen; yep, it's drawn by me. Ain't I awesome? Anyways, enough of the narcissism, this isn't The Colbert Report after all. Originally, day one was supposed to consist of just "The Last Moment" and "Leaving a Utopia," but Vaz was feeling spontaneous and decided to also bring us the thrilling two-parter, "The Conspiracy Within." Tomorrow will now consist of solely KR's part of Clash of Worlds 2, while Sunday will be my time to shine, with a series of short KR based comedy comics. Now's where you leap for joy.

Now let's get to those reviews, shall we? Oh, and MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW. Read with digression.

  • "The Last Moment:" This chapter marked the last comedic chapter of Book 2, apparently, and it did a great job handling such a claim. Kaila and Chen finally go on their date, giving us quite the fun and exciting staple of romance Vaz and Kai love to give us with those two crazy kids. Meanwhile, we get an equally humorous side-story with the introduction of Kambi's young nephew, the obnoxious and bratty Saito. His rambunctious, sporadic behavior led to some funny lines and great moments. The interaction between Giu and Ray was also great, with some wonderful remarks and great interplay. And in the end, we're treated to a wonderfully sweet and romantic moment, as Kaila rests her head on Chen's shoulder right as the sun sets. My grade: B+
  • "Leaving a Utopia:" And now, we leave the humorous side of KR and are introduced to many dark themes. Despite this, we are still treated with comedy gold with Kama, who has quickly become one of my characters in the whole fanon; for example, I was in hysterics at her exclamation of "You bastards!" after all the Rebels depart from her tent. Outstanding. There was still a lot of tense scenes in this chap, too, which were executed superbly. Mai and Azula's conversation was one of the highlights of this chapter, and it was very surprising the direction it took. And then the cliffhanger ending, which leaves us dying for the two-parter. My grade: A.
  • "The Conspiracy Within, Part 1: Infiltration":' Am I not the only one who just knew those wealthy rebels were totally Mitsuki and her gang? I just love being right! The decisiveness of their performances was thrilling and evoked many aspects of the original series, but was handled very well and did not just shamelessly rip off the series as many fan fics have fallen victim to. And Kambi is just too gullible for his own good, which makes me truly feel sorry for him when he falls awestruck to the true revelation and is captured. Meanwhile, the Rebels quest to find Kama's cure ends when they discover that in all actuality she just had a cold: oops! And then, sadly, she goes off back to her home on Spartan Islands, and thought it's sad to see her depart, it allows the series to be fully serious again without her (albeit hilarious) moments of ludicrousy. My grade: A.
  • "The Conspiracy Within, Part 2: Capture": And the conspiracy ends with quite the surprising deceitful defeat of the entire Rebel City. But before that, we're treated to pure, unrestrained action, making this chapter thrilling and keeping me on the edge of my seat. The dark scenes of the series are really portrayed in this chapter perfectly, particularly in the gruesome, heartbreaking scene where Yi just burns this poor kid looking for his mother and then laughs as he watches the kids' flesh burn. This is just so shocking, it evokes the overall theme of the chapter: shock, thrills, carnage, and pure defeat. My grade: A+

Be sure to catch the rest of Revoltathon tomorrow and Sunday. Meanwhile, make sure to read the thrilling Book 1 finale of The Phoenix Chronicles, Operation Eternity, Parts One and Two. Peace!

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