Okay, touching on hot rocks here, but I might as well get it out there. Controversy has exploded over casting choices for The Last Airbender. I, personally, am on the wall of it all. I do believe that the Asian influence needs to be used in the movie and Asian/Inuit actors and actresses will only add to that. That, however, is only one side to the coin of it all. It would be beneficial to have them in the cast, but, honestly, my eye is set straight on the plot and keeping the heart of the show it. But, then again, Asian culture is the heart of the show…

My other feelings on casting is that some may not look like them… at all. Aang's actor looks way too short to be him, and way too young. Maybe it was just the picture I saw of him… Anyway, Dev Patel looks more like Sokka then his actor, who's pailer then a vampire (ironic that he was in Twilight, huh?) In fact, they probably only picked him as Sokka's actor because he was in Twilight. Sometimes it's all about money for the film industries...

Anyways, that's my two-cents. Try not to rant about this rant, okay?

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