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Hey! As 2010 approaches—holy crap, a whole decade—and everyone on the web is making Top Ten episodes/movies/news events/whatevers of the year, I've decide it'd be a fun and interesting thing to do with the fanon wiki! Here's my personal Top 10 Fanon Chapters of 2009! Feel free to make your own, too! (Twilitlink's has done it already!)

10. "The Supreme Realm" (Kyoshi Revolts) The third chapter of the hit series Kyoshi Revolts was where the story really kicked off. The other two introduced you to the setting and Mina, but it wasn't until "The Supreme Realm" that we got to see the story at it's true nature — raw emotion and tyranny at it's peak. Adgul served as quite a thrilling villain, and we get introduced to two major aspects of the rest of the series: Kaila, and the fall of Team Avatar. The latter is quite a depressing and compelling story to read, and shows the maturity that this story really is all about.

9. "The Legacy Begins" (The Legacy of Fire) The pilot chapter is always among the hardest to write, but Legacy of Fire does a spanking job in doing so with "The Legacy Begins." The chapter evokes some interesting themes with onslaught and the dark side of life we rarely see, with a narrative rich in Watchmen parallels. Though some may find it rather dark, that's what makes it so compelling — it's a realistic story with a plot reminiscent of modern anime.

8. "The Avatar" (Enemies and Traitors) Though Enemies and Traitors really came out in 2007, it was published here on the wiki this year and boy has it been a wonderful read. With this chapter, we see a young Kuzon having fun with Aang and the conflict between the Air Nomads and the Fire Nation starts to stir. The whole story truly stayed true to the series, and even the tone, which is one of the hardest thing you can do in a fanon story.

7. "Wanted" (Clash of Worlds) The community-wide crossover project of Clash of Worlds was a quite hilarious one, and the fourth chapter evoked this as well as it could. Featuring thrilling slapstick, satire, and pop-culture references out the wazoo, the Wanted take on the universe was never without a great chuckle; and that's a good thing.

6. "Final Encounter Part Two: Truths" (Wanted) The thrilling Book 1 finale of Wanted was, as it's description opted, "explosive." High, emotion-filled battle sequences that were amazingly crafted, tensioned secrets revealed, and several plots were opened for Book 2. But all in all, it was the death of Nero that was the peak of the chapter's thrillride, and though he was an assassin you had grown to like him — and were itching until you could finally see him again.

5. "Advice from the Fallen" (Kyoshi Revolts) With the high-octane finale of Book 1 closed, Book 2 of Kyoshi opened with quite and amazing experience. We see Chen's reluctance to accept his role as the Avatar, paralleling Aang himself, and several—albeit darker—takes on the original series' plotlines in episodes like "The Awakening" and "The Crossroads of Destiny." But what really made this as notable and jaw-dropping as it was was the revelation that Mitsuki plans on destroying the Spirit World, an event we all can see serves as a reference to good-ol' Sozin's Comet. Once again, the authors give us another enriching tale that isn't just a great story alone, but also a fantastic homage to the source material.

4. "Battle at Kein Forest, Part 1" (Kyoshi Revolts) The first part of the stunning two-part Book 1 finale gave us some great battle sequences and character depth. Kyoshi always delivers when it comes to this, and this chapter especially opened up some plot twists and edge-of-your-seat moments we all were waiting for since the start of the entire series. Not to mention, the way the authors set the tone made me feel like I was watching an actual TV show.

3. "Prelude" (The Spirit War) It's quite rare to find a fanon chapter that is so wonderfully crafted, so amazingly written, but with the prelude to The Spirit World, you sure as hell find it. An enriching, beautiful recounting of the peaceful passing of Aang, the chapter is written like pure poetry. With such raw attention to detail, and such amazing attention to characters' personalities, "Prelude" was, to say the very least, a masterpiece in its simplicity and sophistication.

2. "Brothers" (Enemies and Traitors) Brotherhood is the central theme of Enemies and Traitors, and nothing shows this better then the pilot chapter. "Brothers" was enriching in its depth and maturity; there's a strong descriptiveness in it and the political themes introduced are masterful. The relationship between these characters, the philosophy behind their personalities, is all told is such an amazing way, I can only describe it as beautiful.

1. "Battle at Kein Forest, Part 2" (Kyoshi Revolts) The amazing ending to Book 1 of Kyoshi was filled with action, adventure, amazing writing, thrilling battles, and great emotional depth. We saw the characters at their peak, and the action was better then ever. Not to mention, the shocking reveal that Chen was the Avatar left me speechless, and we all got to breath a sigh of relief as it ended peacefully, yet making you grasp for more.

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