M. Night walks off the that a plastic container in his hand? Hope it's not bologna... O_o

Well, guess what? Filming is done! That's right, production for The Last Airbender is officially over - all that's left is for the mixing and editing. I'll elaborate more on this in the next issue of BSST.

Now, news like this smacks us in the face and tells us the time is nigh. The film is now less than a year away; can you believe it? Even the trailer is out. It's drawing near, alright, which means Avatar Wiki will have a load of work on our hands when it does, creating the pages for characters, events, the actual film itself, locations, and much much more; in fact, all this work is best put by Aang:

[...]All in a days work for the Avatar.

However, we don't have the ability to weld the elements and cause a hurricane with a sneeze, so it's a little different....okay, a lot different :P

From Wan Shi Tong's Library, Avatar Wiki's news user group.

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