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Wow, let me just begin this blog with an apology: in the beginning, I tried to rush this chapter along so it would be out 1, 2 weeks tops after "The Will of All Mankind", as a thank-you to everyone who's been so patient with me about the delays between chapters. Needless to say, that bombed. Badly. So I would like to sincerely apologize for this. It's my own fault, really: real life's had some effect on it, too, but mainly it's because of my good old procrastination. I'm truly gonna need to work on that.

But let's just cut to the good part, huh? (Which, I might add, is What She Said) Now, as you know, the next two Better World chapters are a two-parter, consisting of "Forgive Me, Lord..." and "...For I Have Sinned." Now, the titles may give some allusion that this is gonna be some large, Mary Sue gimmick to spout religious teachings into Avatar.' Simply put, no. These two chapters are gonna feature good old symbolism, many aspects of which parallel religious teachings. Particularly, it delves into the spiritual worshiping of the Avatar universe, including prayer and Holy Temples (specifically the one in "The Will of All Mankind").

Oh, and there's also gonna be the usual mash-pot of asskicking, badasses, swearing, blood, anger, knives, one-liners, stress, politics, murder, and violence. Iz gonna be fun, no~?

So I don't feel so much like a Jerkass, I'll at least give you guys the plot summary, which I've never actually done before with any of the chapters: the first chapter is built partly around a Framing Device of Lee confessing his sins to Kami, The Lord of all Spirits, and via flashbacks, we will see Lee and Slythrin performing a tactical attack on a group of rebels importing weapons on the Eastern Docks, and partly in present time where we see Aang, Zuko, and the Earth King eavesdropping on a very suspicious meeting between the Council inside the Holy Temple. Both chapters will be released (hopefully) within a very short span between each other. The first shall be released (once again, hopefully) within this week.

So Yeah, sorry again for taking so long, but I'm sure the chapters will be a load of fun and offer the usual amounts of Better World-class baddassery.

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