Anyone ever seen that one Coen brothers movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? You know how it was based on Homer's poem and literary masterpiece the Odyssey, even though the movie actually had nothing to do with the poem; generally, it followed the poem's plot but altered it completely for the setting and actual story?

Well, that's essentially what the new, upcoming chapter of Better World is — only instead of Homer and Troy, it's based on that good ol' Biblical passage about the best worst brothers ever, Cain and Abel. The title, "Be Thou a Cain," should tell you just that. From what I just told you, you can clearly see that it's gonna be filled with themes of brotherhood, betrayal, and—of course—murder.

Most of the chapter will continue the epic and murderous journey of Lee and Slythrin. You'll get to see a lot of personal background on Lee's part and even meet his younger brother, Dìdi ("younger brother" in Chinese — duh) We'll also greatly explore the Sandbenders, whom I gave mention to in "Spare the Innocent," and they live up to the description in that. The side stories will delve into the controversy over the Council of Five and the hallucinations Sokka has been getting. In other words, just continuing where "Spare the Innocent" left off — that's what they call a serial, kids :P

I don't have a promotional poster ready (or even planned) but it'll get out eventually. I need to actually *gasp* start writing the chapter before I can do that, lol.

Oh, and I've recently put up and changed some titles for the Chronicle. This is because there's a lot that needs to happen and 8 chapters wasn't enough. So now we've got three new ones—"Our Trespasses," "Sanctioned for Redemption," and "John the Revelator." I especially like the last one, because it's based on an amazing gospel song from the '30s.

Anyways, expect "Be Thou a Cain" to come out next year in January or early-to-mid February. Cheers, everyone!

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