While this picture might tell you otherwise, Waku is not a vampire.

Hot damn, everyone. Three months. Three months you've all been waiting for the new chapter of BW, "Into Here I Am". That's a really long time.

So, yeah, really sorry about that. Why this long? Well, let's see:

  • My "breathing break" after "Bathe With the Dogs" turned into me procrastinating.
  • General lack of ideas
  • Laziness
  • Real life
  • My internet being gone for a month now (with only limited access, like right now)
  • And of course: Writing's really f*cking hard, and even I run into difficulties sometimes.

So, here's what I'm gonna do: "Into Here I Am" is not done yet, unfortunately. I've still got some ways to go. However, since it's been a whole 3 months, I'm thinking I'll in stead wait a bit more (DON'T KILL ME IT'S GOOD NEWS) and publish all three chapters that are left in The New Politics Chronicles at once. I'll pause to let your brains un-explode.


Yep, so, that will be, um, eventually. So you'll have to wait a bit more, but now the payoff will be tripled. That's pretty freaking sweet, right? Plus, if you call right now, in the meantime, I'll throw in the mini-Snuggie absolutely free! the rest of my badass mini-series Five, the new chapter of Sokka's Days ("Dr. Cagelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Violent Show Theater"), and—oh yes—this preview. It's a flashback to Aang's past, and while it seems random, it'll have some hidden meaning for the chapter later on.

When Aang was eleven, he traveled down to the Fire Nation to visit Kuzon. Kuzon and he were playing in the woods; Kuzon had just learned some new Firebending moves, and—with perhaps the slightest bit of desire to impress Aang, a master bender already—was showing them off to the boy.

“And this is something called the ‘Rhino Stomp’,” Kuzon said gleefully as he cocked his right leg straight outward, and then chucked his heel down into the ground; a stream of a fire followed it and evaporated as his heel hit the dirt. The dirt in that forest was filled with soot-covered mulch that Kuzon and Aang would use to doodle on fences and roads. That day, they had drawn platypus bears—it was all they ever drew, because that’s all they ever knew how to draw. Not that they could draw in the first place. Kuzon had joked once that one of Aang’s looked more like a lopsided piece of toast then a platypus bear.

“Whoa!” Aang exclaimed. “That’s awesome, Kuzon. Man, I wish I could Firebend…it looks so cool.”

“Maybe you could.”

Aang laughed. “How?”

“You could be the Avatar.”

“Me? The Avatar? That’s a good one.”

“Yeah, guess you’re right…You’d be a terrible Avatar.”

Aang shot a playful gust of air at Kuzon, and the two laughed. There was a farm on the rim of the forest, and he and Kuzon snuck on to the property. Kuzon dared Aang to jump into the large pond that was next to a rooster-duck coop—some rooster-ducks were swimming there, too. Aang was hesitant.

“I dunno, Kuzon. We’ve already snuck onto this guys’ property…I don’t wanna disturb him any more than we already have…”

“Alright, Aang, if you say so…” Kuzon shrugged and paced a bit behind Aang. Suddenly, though—and with a classic Kuzon smirk—he pushed him into the pond. Aang and Kuzon burst into laughter, and Kuzon jumped into it with him. They both chuckled gleefully, splashing one another, and then suddenly, they heard a crow-like voice roar at them from a few feet away.

“Hey, you damn kids!! Get out of here!!!”

Aang and Kuzon looked at each other and then back at the man, and burst into laughter again. The farmer, an old man with a constant scowl, pulled out a bow-staff and held it in ready position. “Git, git!” The two were laughing too much to get up, and the man readied himself to hit them with the staff, but Aang quickly bended a gust of air at the man, sending him flat on the ground on his back.

Aang and Kuzon shot up from the pond—soaking wet—and darted up from the hill, still chuckling uproariously. Kuzon looked back the old man, who was back on his feet and shaking his staff in the air aggressively. He called out at him, “Calm down, old man! It’s not like the world’s gonna explode!”

And as Aang trekked down the dirt road—miles from Da—this memory was one of dozens of thoughts that ran around in his mind. His head was throbbing, and he was so drenched, so cold, so covered in dirt and blood, his every stride seemed like a nightmare, an uncomfortable lurid experience he couldn’t get out of.

So, I hope all this is enough. Again, sorry for the delay, but, again, it'll be worth it. Again.

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