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'Samson and Delilah' is out; enjoy it, you will

Zuko and Mai reunion

Yep, it finally came - my blog references Star Wars, the easiest reference you can throw out there. Nah, just kidding - that doesn't mean jack to the news I got! After almost three months of procrastination, writer's block, personal delays, and other things that make you guys just a little too anxious, the new Kyoshi Revolts chapter "Samson and Delilah" is out!

I think (well, hope at least) that you guys will like it. I know I myself hate when something doesn't live up to the hype, but I'm almost positive this is something that will blow your minds with awesomeness (am I over exaggerating? You decide for yourself, lol). It's longer than any previous Kyoshi chapter before, I believe (maxing it at at least seven pages on word documents) so it might take longer to read then usual - unless you're a fast reader, I know I'm not, lol - but make sure to review and express your opinions. Also, Kai and Vaz, be free to edit the page as appropriate, maybe even trying to reword it as it is a bit long.

Anyways, hope you enjoy it once more. Cheers!

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