Bitter Empire

Yes, I took this from Star Wars - don't think it makes it any less depressing for the readers! XD

So, the second chronicle of Better World will be coming out soon, hopefully, if everything rolls out as planned. The first chap will be entitled "Bitter Empire." Now I know you're thinking, "That doesn't explain the plot at all! What's wrong with you?! You stupid?!" If so, well, how rude, lol :P But seriously, the page itself gives all I can say for now.

Yes, Aang will go face the harsh tongue of politics, to be more specific, though, in a continental gathering of the nation's leaders and militia. The reason for this is a tragedy, which surrounds the members of the Ba Sing Se Construction Committee. In this chronicle, you'll see more of them; they play an actual crucial part to the rest of the story's plot. Yes, this actually has a, somewhat thin, plot to it that will be explained further.

So, anyways, the Committee is basically the new Dai Li - they take care of economical and cultural exchanging for the city. Don't fret none, though, as they will not be evil, I can promise you that. Well, I can loosely promise you that, I'm not gonna make up my mind or spoil anything for you guys just yet. Mostly you'll be seeing the Crewmen, the guys who do the grunt work, such as reconstruction, redesign, patrols, traveling, etc.


New image of Lee. Yeah, feel the wrath of Kahn the stubble.

Now, I'm gonna give you some character lay downs and changes for this chapter:

  • Aang: Aang will be sort of less....angsty then he was before, but still as tense. I'm gonna try to make him seem more mature but still give him his true personality, as I feel I changed it just a little bit to much the first chronicle. He'll still be the same, though, and display more acts of maturity, anxiety, and *gasp* insanity (don't worry, not yet, and it won't be for long) He's also gonna have a new outfit, a sort of old-western-meet-ancient-Chinese. I'll try and upload a composite sketch, but don't expect it, like, tomorrow, just as soon as I can, and try and make it as high quality I can.
  • Zuko: Zuko will actually play a major part for now on, and not just stand in the background bleeding/telling Katara how to fix Aang's wounds. He will, as the Fire Lord, play a large role in the political meeting, making hardcore remarks, to top it all off, and breaking up *gasp once more* tussles! So, yeah, expect some enriching storylines from him - OH! Almost forgot! The final chapter of the chronicle will lead off straight to the next one, and it's because of a surprising event with Zuko himself. So watch out for it.
  • Lee: There's over 500 million of these guys wandering around, including one already in this story, but killed off. So, I'm talking about the Lee from "Aftermath" who made the rude remarks. He's a pretty obnoxious and immature git. Never seems to shut his mouth. I always imagine an Australian accent for him, oddly, enough. He's a member of the Crew, and the youngest of them. His background, you may ask? Well, he's a native of the Earth Kingdom. He lost his entire family in a mugging by a Firebender while they were nomading their way across the countryside. (Just forget about that bit) He then made his due wandering alone, until he finally made his way into Ba Sing See. When the War ended, he, now around 23 years old, joined the crew side of the committee and became close to the other members, while still sometimes being a thorn in their side. He's what you'd call an abrupt and somewhat hilarious womanizer who refuses to remember his past and is seen at one point in this chapter at a *gasp times three* bar - in the Avatarverse, that's right.
  • Malu: Also introduced in the previous chapter, he's a member of the committee as a crewmen. Malu is kind of a father figure, but still a rather uptight, "won't-take-any-of-that" kind of dude who's pretty much the Yin to Lee's Yang. He was born as a slave to the Fire Nation during the war's mid-stages. He was sold when he was twenty to an Colonial who took sympathy on him and let him go - the colonial was killed for doing so. He started a new life and relocated to Ba Sing Se, making his way as doing misc. jobs throughout the city. Now he's a crew member, one of the eldest and more experienced of the bunch.
  • Slythrin: Named after "Slitherin" from Harry Potter, he fits your basic description. Silver-like hair, pale face, hissing attitude, but more of the cold-voiced, silent guys who is pretty much in the shadows for most of the chapter until the end. He'll play a major role throughout the chronicle, but *gasp isn't this getting annoying* may or may not be what he seems.

Hope you guys will love it and please comment away! This took a while to write, lol, :P


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