The kanji for "manga" made. Now, likely the Avatar mangas won't have this symbol, but at least this blog isn't just blocks of text.

I think anybody who's ever even heard of Avatar knows it draws a lot from Japanese Anime. And if you know that, you should know that there's a bit of a heated conflict between whether it's a cartoon or an actual anime. Well, with the new The Last Airbender film coming out, something's starting to divide the line between the two - with the power of Manga.

The news was announced at this years Comic Con. Now, not only will it be a Manga adaption of the film, there will also be a Manga adaption of the TV series the movie is adapting in it's own! To top it all off, this won't be anything like the Animanga we got that was a simple word-for-word scene-from-scene copy of a few Book 1 episodes; it will be illustrated by actual Japanese manga artists, Nina Matsumoto for the TV series adaption and Joon Choi for the film adaption. This is surely a huge day for Avatar and Manga fans alike! (You can read the full story, including quotes from the publishing companies, in the next issue of The Ba Sing Se Times)

Now, as you've read in the latest addition of The Ba Sing Se Times, Airbender as well has got other huge fleets of merchandise on the way as well, including a toy line, shirts, and much more to be announced! It's safe to say you'll be wearing some bit of media wear when you go to see The Last Airbender, coming out in 2010!

Also, you may have noticed that Wan Shi Tong's Library is trying out a new look. Do you like it? Love it? Can't even fathom the hatred you feel over it? Let us know in blissful comments blogs allow you to make! And as always, we're always recruiting, so sign up now and start reporting the Avatar news!

From Wan Shi Tong's Library, Avatar Wiki's news user group.

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