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    Like the comic says, I've come to the realization that (at least at this moment) I'm creatively incapable of exerting the momentum and effort required to continue writing BW. So I'm forced to momentarily put the series on hiatus; this will give me time to look things over, breath, and rehabilitate myself creatively. Something just happened in the months between finishing "Bathe With the Dogs" and trying to start on "Into Here I Am"; I feel terrible for it, but in that time, I came to lose any personal attachment to the project. I felt like I was doing this just to get it over with. Fan fiction is supposed to be something I do for myself, to act as a fun outlet for my creativity. But I fell into a rut. I was looking back, and realizi…

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    Hot damn, everyone. Three months. Three months you've all been waiting for the new chapter of BW, "Into Here I Am". That's a really long time.

    So, yeah, really sorry about that. Why this long? Well, let's see:

    • My "breathing break" after "" turned into me procrastinating.
    • General lack of ideas
    • Laziness
    • Real life
    • My internet being gone for a month now (with only limited access, like right now)
    • And of course: Writing's really f*cking hard, and even I run into difficulties sometimes.

    So, here's what I'm gonna do: "Into Here I Am" is not done yet, unfortunately. I've still got some ways to go. However, since it's been a whole 3 months, I'm thinking I'll in stead wait a bit more (DON'T KILL ME IT'S GOOD NEWS) and publish all three chapters that are left in T…

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    Just wanted to let this drawing I did a few hours ago be known. It's, obviously, Giu (Kyoshi Revolts) reacting to the fake Airbender condom Happy Meal incident (God that just sounds weird saying it). Thought it would hold you over until "Bathe With the Dogs" and "The Forsaken Son" come out (I swear I'm working on them!) Meanwhile, here's an unrelated drawing I did for the Phineas and Ferb Wiki. Like I said it's unrelated, but I love how it came out. And, of course, my webcomic "Damaged Tape" is always available for viewing. Anyways, that's enough of the blatant plugs—Enjoy! :D

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    After further investigation, this was a clear misunderstanding. The source of the information was a joke article that was written more professionally than some actual news sources, and therefore was mistaken for a real article. We apologize greatly for the misunderstanding.

    Adding comments has been disabled from this blog.

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    "? "At least the effects were decent." Yeah. That pretty much sums of this shitfest.]] (A spree of colorful profanity follows. Sorry if you are offended, but no other words could really describe/emphasize the critical analysis necessary for this movie.)





    I'm...I'm speechless. Is-is this really happening? Did we really get almost two years of build-up—build-up that made this film adaption of such a wonderful show a visionary, awesome epic—for...this?

    Because, ladies and gentlemen, The Last Airbender is not a good movie. It's not even close. I can honestly say I've never walked out of a theater having seen a movie that I just plain didn't like—it took some hindsight for me to realize how crappy Transformers 2 was—before today. T…

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