Okay everyone I need help. I've got this problem, which just so happens to be my stupid little brother. I love Avatar so much, and have loved it since I was about twelve. it's made me laugh, cry, and dream. It's taught me to live more honorably, and forgive more often. It's inspired me to be a better martial artist (japanese ju-jitsu people), take up gymnastics, take a stab at vegetarianism (not a very successful one, since i cracked and had a hot dog yesterday, but I was STARVING and DQ doesn't offer very much meatless food, not counting the ice cream of course, that would be disgusting.) and has even got me into researching mediation practices and transcendentaism. I have grown to love the wiki here too, it's beautiful and very well maintained, and I am pretty much obsessed with it. But the problem (my brother) is very stupid. Everytime he sees me rewatching an episode (every day) or doing something on the wiki, he goes into a rant in which I should really grow up and stop "watching shows for kids half [my] age". Then everyonce in a while he'll go off talking about how "stupid and pointless it is" and that I should really get a llfe. (Not that he's one to talk, he isn't exactly mr. popularity.) I would love to get into a nice long hairy argument with him about how amazing and complex it really is, but he's too much of a butthead to listen and refuses to even watch an episode.

Now, I know it just sounds like I did this just to moan and complain, but it's seriously driving me crazy. Like I said, I would LOVE to get into an argument with him, but it's like his ears shut off completely after the first sentence. So I need some good arguments to give him that I am neither creative nor clever enough to come up with by myself. I need something really quick perferably one to two lines, maybe even something funny, that will get my point across and essentially blow his mind and leave him speachless, because as i said, it's driving me INSANE.

So to all my fellow Avatar freaks out there, please help me. Please.

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