aka Suki

  • I live in the land of obesity and anorexia... 'Merica.
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is Avatar addict.
  • I am Ironman. (Fe = iron. Male= Man. Female=Ironman.)
  • SukitheNinja

    New User Group

    July 20, 2012 by SukitheNinja

    I, SukitheNinja, and my friend Sokka's Sword would like to propose a new user group: The Kyoshi Korrectors (title credited to the genius spawning in Momoam15's brain) The purpose of this group will be to dramatically improve the qualities existing articles under categories "Under Construction" and "Needs help". Some may argue that this is very similar to the Fire Sages user group, and they are partially correct. However, the purpose of the Kyoshi Korrectors will solely be to fix and complete the articles in these categories (which is a lot), instead of improving them to the point of being A-class articles.

    Thank you for hearing me out, I hope that the community supports this new group and that it can become a successful one.

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  • SukitheNinja

    Okay, here's the deal. I love Avatar so much, its an amazing show. This wiki is beautiful, and I'm completly, uterly, totally obsessed with it. But here's the thing: ITS TOO ADDICTIVE. I'm here trying to finish an essay for my AP english class due tomorrow morning and I find I can't seem to work on it without feeling the urge to log on to this site every 10 minutes. Seriously, it's worse than facebook! (and that's saying something.) So please, if everyone could be considerate and try to tone down the Avatar awesomeness a bit so i can concentrate, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you, and have a good day.

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  • SukitheNinja

    Okay everyone I need help. I've got this problem, which just so happens to be my stupid little brother. I love Avatar so much, and have loved it since I was about twelve. it's made me laugh, cry, and dream. It's taught me to live more honorably, and forgive more often. It's inspired me to be a better martial artist (japanese ju-jitsu people), take up gymnastics, take a stab at vegetarianism (not a very successful one, since i cracked and had a hot dog yesterday, but I was STARVING and DQ doesn't offer very much meatless food, not counting the ice cream of course, that would be disgusting.) and has even got me into researching mediation practices and transcendentaism. I have grown to love the wiki here too, it's beautiful and very well mai…

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  • SukitheNinja

    Bending Removal

    June 19, 2012 by SukitheNinja

    I've had this theory for a while, and I'd just like to get this out there. Everyone should know that bending removal is done by energybending, so shouldn't it be able to be restored with the same method? That would mean that another person able to use energybending (the Avatar, for example) should be able to restore a person's bending. So there's hope for people like Lin Beifong (who did NOT deserve to have her bending removed) after all!! Maybe later on Korra could figure out a way to do that. Just a theory.

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