I am going to create a story and these are the main facts

Team Avatar (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, Zuko, Mai, Ty lee.) enter a portal in a room in the Southern Air temple, and get transported into the real world where they will meet me and my family in real life.

For obvious reasons, no last names will be given,

It has been a year since Ozai's defeat.

Iroh, and others will come in later.

There will be elements taken from both the movie and series as well as other media.

Me and my 7 younger cousins will each receive special abilities and will be tought to use them by none other than our wonderful friend, Yue.

Ursa will be in this story-Ozai had half lied to Zuko:He had her THINK she had been banished but in the two years during his own banishment...she had contracted a disease and died...however, because she had a pure heart, she was allowed to become a special kind of spirit called a "celestial"

In the year since her defeat, Azula Has regained her sanity and is due to be released from Boiling Rock a month after the gaang come into our world.

Chars (besides team avatar)...

Jake (Audye's little brother): Can bend earth.

Audye (Jake's big sister) Can bend water.

Sophie: (Youngest child) Can transform into a small fairy. (Wings and antennae, Etc.)

John: Can bend fire.

Luke: Can bend air.

Maggie: Is super intelligent.

Steven: Can summon Pokemon. (Disclaimer: i don't own pokemon)

Natalie: Can stretch mold and distend her body into any shape like rubber.

Chars borrowed from other series...

Kagome (I don't own Inuyasha!): A genie who lives in a bottle that Sophie obtaines in the marketplace at Ba Seng Se..

Belldandy (I don't own Oh, my Goddess!): The celestial queen who whaches over new celestials and helps train them.

That's all i have for now.

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