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August 19, 2013
  • Stella2013

    Sad Zuko was sitting with Azula in her room. It was planned specially for her so she couldn’t hurt herself. There was everything, that young princess could want. They weren’t alone – there were always Azula’s protectors, taking care about her. Azula was dangerous. She was mad. No one really saw, when her madness began. Azula always wanted to be in charge of everything. Earlier she had two friends – Ty Lee, who now was the Kyoshi warrior, and Mai, Zuko’s past girlfriend. It was hard to call it even a friendship – Azula was using them to reach her own aims. She was behaving strange also earlier, but since Mai and Ty Lee attacked her in the Boiling Rock prison, Azula was left alone with her ambitions. When Ozai went to fight on the war, he ma…

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  • Stella2013

    Hey everybody!

    As we already know is a new book The Legend of Korra. Searching the Internet I came across an interesting new trailer Book Three.

    Look and write your opinnie :D
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