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My first fanfiction.... I NEED HELP!!!!

So I'm going to write my first fanfiction and post it on (not the fan fiction portal cuz is a larger community) and I'll put one-shots based on the big one you guys will help me with (if you want to, and yes you will get credit) on the portal and

So if you guys can come up with characters that not an avatar then that would be awesome. And if you guys have good ideas about a good plot that would be awesome too (cuz I'm bad at writing stories but I love fanfiction!)!

I'll also try to come up with some characters too (I came up with one if you go to my user profile).

So follow this if you have a character:




Born: (I planned a modern setting like the 21st century type)


Weapon of Choice:

Fighting Style(s):




Morality: (Good or Evil)



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