Recap: Sshalwani is looking for a editor, after writing his story, he wants to make sure it has the greatest quality and he needs help from someone who has high-quality, someone who is great at editing and is the best. He is requesting, for now Acer is with him, how else would like to join him.

Job Qualification

The editor must have high-quality editing, a excellent skill of grammar and puncatations, someone who understands how to properly and orderly make the story excellent and with the words, and run properly on the wiki, must have great Avatar knowledge. If anyone can, give me a call (message/comment below).


Sshalwani has problems with grammer and wording, he has so much ideas but it's incomplete or written somewhere else where it not suppose to be. Example....

" I wanted the cat here, but the door stepped and I fell and then I put the cat there."


Sshalwani wants his fanon has high-standard, working on ideas, looking for photos, if anyone is interested, may I know how I can get photos to match my story.

Thanks, Sshalwani

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