So I was minding my business in the wiki, I was helping mostly in the Team Beifong page and watching to see if no one deletes it or does more help in editing and working on what I do, computering. Suddenly I saw Master R., she/he made a idea in the forum and I was like, why don't I check it out, so I went to that forum, I read all of it, I even checked the page that he made it, the idea was half bad, it was great and I said, so why don't we do it and this can help me too. So I did, now I'm advertising this to let all you know of the idea, don't comment here, so to the forum here. Maybe you can help as well, huh. Well folks that'll all the I got, well this week and I hope soon, I will write a bigger and more informative of Korra and all that, but for now.... The biggest question.....

Will it be Korra or Amon, will Amon win and bring equality or will Korra win and take back Republic City to previous times?


Will Hiroshi will on the good and reunite with her daughter, or will her daughter reunite with him and join Amon? Cause she seems to be mad at Mako and she might, so tell these on the comments folks.

That's all... Goodnight!!

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