Well it has been a time, I've gotten alot of complaint from my other blog and forum of the Avatar Wiki Council of Justice, which I really hoped to succeed and be in the proposal but it didn't cause people don't think it's good, more bureacuary. I have now official have announced that the Council is shutting down till a time period comes when the Council is needed in Avatar Wiki. That's wikians for agreeing with me, but I'm sorry you have to hear this.

I have a theory, a completing good theory that may occur in the series I hope, please touch in to read the selections.

Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports, has people know, the Legend of Korra Revolution appears to happen in the real world, causing a wikian revolution, uniting wiki members to combine and make a new wiki equality. Well Omar067 is not in it, that's good for us at least but we still have this. As you should know, it's been two months and the final season is about to end, me and my dad were watching Korra on the show Nick and we saw that the final episode, which is one hour (yayy!!!) is already to come, me and my dad so surprised, we kept thinking, wasn't Amon suppose to be the biggest character in the series to take out, I thought they would take out Amon in the third but the first, like we need more action, remember the original series, well this should happen here. I have belief that Korra, Mako, and Bolin will continue their journey throughout the world like the original Team Avatar did.Well thanks to the Admins and Rollbacks!! Everything else is okay in Avatar Wiki.

The Theory

As I was looking at the episode again, did you see Amon, he was unstoppable, his members were defeated, but did you saw his second-in-command, I feel that was a hint somehow. My theory is that, Tarrlok and Amon plan together to make control the great Republic City. Amon is the bad, Tarrlok is the good. Tarrlok creates horrible laws for power, which makes the non-benders go with the Equalists, causing this makes the revolution more bigger, and Amon hides and comes out of the light by times and awaiting for his biggest moment yet when Tarrlok makes it. When the plan failed, he and the Equalists would come his hidden place, and that was to a trick, to get Tarrlok to safety and Korra captured. Meanwhile, when he was bloodbending them, my theory is that he did not do it to Amon but to his men, and when it zoomed to the Lietuant, it shown him down, Amon was actinf and saying "the solution" just to scare Korra cause he knows Korra will hear, and his commands, as this was just a plan to capture him and Korra. When Tarrlok failed to take over Republic City by being a savior and on the good side, Amon decided it's the time to strike Republic City. So Amon and Tarrlok must be working together to get Republic City.


Well that's it, thank you and I shall be blogging sometimes in a week, if any questions, come to my user talk page and we can talk it out. Thanks, Sshalwani (wallcontribs) 16:17, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

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