Well' I''m back!!I I couldn't blog cause it I had a fight over bringing back the comments, which should but I withdraw my support and wishing to never let it go away. Sorry to you all supporters but if gone permant, I will do action. Well let's get on the topics.

White Lotus Sentries

As you all should be knowing, the White Lotus Sentries is a news made by the user, Master Ratava. She/he is a remarkable user and I believe that her White Lotus Sentries idea will be a success. As part of the White Lotus Sentries, I will be accepting any offers of fanons and news and I will do my best to add to the sentries. Positions are kinda still open and once done.

Korra Episode 11 & 12 - Season Finale

Remarkable episode to me, the shocking was Amon is Noatak who is Yakone's son, it was also shocking that Yakone even escape being a fugitive and his gang helped him out and he settled in the Northern Water Tribe, I wonder more of him. Seeing the last airbenders captured by Amon and permantely take out airbending, I was really upset and shocked but also wondering how? Any suggestions? I was sad when Korra's bending was tooken and surprised seeing Katara again, but seeing Aang in the end made me really happy. I just couldn't take the excitement, I screamed saying YESS!!! and more. That was a remarkable and excellent episode and I'm looking forward to Season 2.

The Promise

So I checked around the Promise comments, finding a link to read the two Promise comics, I was happy and joy, but I won't reveal it. It's a secret.

So in Promise Part One, it seems that there was a little confusion, in the season finale of The Last Airbender, it shows them at Iroh's tea shop and celebrating. In the comics, it shows that Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko go to Earth King Kuei to bring harmony to the Earth Kingdom, then there's a party at Iroh's then a celebration at the city. Now the wondering part, one year later, what would happen between one year? Zuko's assissnate by the Mayor's daughter of Yu Dao and showing disrespect, Zuko is trying to bring peace but the daughter makes a deal along with the mayor making Zuko withdraw the support over the Harmony Restoration Movement causing a problem for Aang. Visiting Yu Dao made Aang and Katara think to change over too but they go with the movement anyway that going to the Earth King and talk over it.

In Promise Part Two, Aang and Katara see the Earth King but he gonna unleash his army to force the colonials, Zuko unleashs his army making it a war between the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation over Yu Dao. Meanwhile, Sokka and Toph have to train Team Beifong about how to metalbend and they did it end with coins, I understand Toph of what she said. She gave up but her students didn't and they metalbend, I think they will become metalbenders. :)

PROMISE THREE: A war, can war be averting?


That's all, I'm tired. Well later and blog later. Check my fanon!!

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