Hello Avatar Wiki,

I'm back from my IP address block which happen a month.... Well, I have some postives and some negatives (the truth to tell for you all to know).... Before, I get started with the Postives and Negatives, I wanna talk about the Wikiequalists and the Vandals....

The Wikiequalists

Who are they? What do they want? Why is equality so much needed in Avatar Wiki, why do these people have to bring these cartoon life into reality? Like come on, Wikiequalists need outdoor time cause it's not gonna be a perfect future for them... (Sorry to said)... Well what Avatar Wiki wants and I agree is that we do this, and we are balanced. We do not need to change anything, all is fine in this wiki. We do blocks for a reason, we do all this so we can never happen it again. But if you keep spreading and we keep blocking, we have to block as part of the rules and regulations. We will not change, we will not do anything that will make this change... All this goes by the best of the adminstators and bureacuats (also the rollbacks), but if you really wanna then go to them, talk your problems to them and by vote by them, they may do the best for the wiki. So the admins, we should at least do that. Please agree to this and stop the vandals.


Even through, you guys not part of this Omar067's group, we try to be the best we can to the wikian contributors that come to this wiki, but if you wanna vandal then vandal somewhere else that is allowed please, we cannot do vandals, we want people to know our knowledge we learn and share it with the world and let them know what is Avatar, what about Avatar, All informations... So I please ask, please don't do it again for the wiki.


  • It's been sort of a month in the Wiki and I've been going to it, at least everyday but for 1 hour looking around, no posting, no anything, cause someone hacked my IP and use it to vandalize pages and messages and I don't know maybe more.
  • I've been researching every Monday on Korra and plus Korra is being a AWESOME show! I really felt bad for Asami in the end cause like, she was there for her rich father but her father was part of the Equalists.
  • In my school, I talked with my friends in school and told them all about Korra and this wiki and they are very interested so we will have fresh comers to the wiki soon, if possible cause from the excitement I saw, they were absolutley to come to the wiki.


  • The Truth - I am the Special: Sameershal , the vandal kid that vandal but during the time, I have learned my lesson, and I am very extremely sorry... So please still allow me to contribute because I've learned and I have new things to share.
  • Wikiequalists - Seriously, I talked to one of the wikiequalists and they are seriously out of their minds, we needa do something...

The Ending (Conclusion)

Well that's all, I'm sorry once again but that vandal was not me, . It's not me!!! Thanks!

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