I, Sshalwani have returned from inactivity, learning through things, and returned to do other things in this wiki, but also continue my previous work, I have successfully complete a whole story on my fanon, and have discovered ways to help the wiki. Sorry to Thailog and Vulmen and The 888th Avatar. During my blocking period and inactivity, I have been focusing more onto Marvel learning of some of the work there in the Wikia, made a successful outline and part script to Joss Whedon for the Avengers 2, which I hope to become, looked at other successful wikia such as SpongeBob Wikia, which now turned into Spongebob Universe with a form of government under the head, called Director in Chief, iDylan. I have worked on my writings, and during the blocking period, came to the Avatar Wikia without logging in, and just scrolled around, reading then working on the fanon.

"I, Sshalwani, returned from blocking and inactivity, have now returned and promise to do things, I promise that as I move on, becoming rollbacks and adminstrators or group members, and so I will follow. Please accept my mistakes."

Thank you for your attention,

Sshalwani (wallcontribs) 23:43, December 28, 2012 (UTC)

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