The Pro-Bending League is a group made by the user, Sokka jr. Members of the league are, Sokka jr. as Chairman, (me) Sshalwani as Announcer, SparksFromHades and Momoam15 as League Official. Part of the user group is to bring community spirit to the users in this wiki by doing trivia contests, well there it is, we are going to begun... THE 1ST TRIVIA CONTEST!

These are the trivia questions for this week's contest, they will be updated every week. If you wanna answer it, answer by commenting, messaging either me or Sokka jr, maybe you can IRC when I come as Sshalwani, or Sokka jr access.

1. How many times did the cabbage merchant scream "My cabbages!" during ATLA?

2. What was the name of the firebender who burned down Jet's village?

3. How many bombs were dropped on Hue during The Day of Black Sun Part 2: The Eclipse?

4. What was the second poem Sokka said during The Tale of Sokka?

5. How many lamposts surrounded the Fire Light Fountain in Ba Sing Se?

Every week, we watch as you answer the questions, by Thursday, we will post the answers and you will see if you got the answers right, if you got all the answers correct... you get a userbox that you can put in your profile.

Here is the userbox, just type:

This user scored 100% on the Pro-Bending Challenge.

ERROR: You will have to add by going to the templates and search by entering the template name.

This user scored 100% on the Pro-Bending Challenge.

Good luck!

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