It's been a week and I've made 100 edits or more and I'm very happy that I join this and showed my work. As I keep coming everyday, I keep learning everyday and my editing has become very very great thanks to you all. It's been only a week and I've been processing in editing, thanks to you all.

Users to Thanks

Vulmen - Thanks for letting me know my error the other day and you helped me alot with the Roku page and I hope you will continue to help me.

Acer - Thanks for agreeing about the Naga page, you helped me and now we're cyber (internet) friends and I hope we can sometime work together.

Mysteria - Rememeber the first day I joined this wiki and I told you my goal and today for saiding Sorry cause I made a edit and you reverted it, it made learn something that I didn't know.

Bos - Thanks for all me everything I need to know in this wiki when I came, hope you can help me and we can do something together and I was hoping we can be friends.

Lady - Thanks for letting me edit the URN cause Yu Dao, and all the Fire Nation colonies are part of the URN (United Republic of Nation) and it's capital is RC (Republic City).

KataraFanboy - Thanks for your help and I hope we can continue.

The Ending

So everyone, thank you and wish me good luck for editing more things in this wiki and I wish you guys good luck for you all on the future. Thanks! Thanks for everything.

From your newest wikian,

Sshalwani (wallcontribs) 21:44, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

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