I have Returned thanks to Dcasawang1

It has been 2/3 days already and I'm back and ready to help more, thanks all to DC, I have returned and now here to take my duty to help. Thanks to DC, I have trust and also I may be able to be rollback according to him cause he talked it and I promise I will do that.... Somethings, I wanna talk about from me.


It seems that these people that want equality try to come to me and force/ask to join their group, I had to tell them off and it seems that this Ironman2099 (Iron Man Mark IX/Hyperpulse Mark IX) is being a tough guy for power... Well, it seems that they have created wikias under their name and so they go ahead and do whatever in there. People have told me about them and it ain't pretty. I've surprised and well yeaa. That's the point.

What have I done while block? Anything interesting? About DC?

While I was in IRC in Avatar Wikia, I talked with many people and communicated alot... I was mostly worried about the block and I asked my original blocker (Dcasawang1), who unblock me and has trust and I thank him so much for his cooperation to help me... Without him, I would be blocked and never learned. While I was in IRC, I learned that I was wrong of my doing, and that I seriously was being a jerk and I shouldn't have done it, but well I learned and I wanna contribute... DC - Thanks alot and so much thanks alot to you mostly... and I will do the promise you told me which you and me know? NO SOCKPUPPETRY!! (Puppets - Its reminds of the Puppetmaster episode in Season 3 of A:T:LA).

What I've decided to do soon?

Soon, when it's right, I will request for rollback right and I will absolutley be happy and do the right.... I have also planned on working on anti-vandalism, fanons, and begin editing again and start putting more detailed and described information, better theories... Well that's all!!


Well that's it... Wish all the users of Avatar Wiki luck and if possible, I will do my best to the wiki and maybe support for the wiki in the Comic Con if possible... Thanks, Sshalwani (wallcontribs) 05:15, June 1, 2012 (UTC)

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