Recap: How can this happen? Republic City under the hands of those Equalists. How can the benders fail, the benders are balance, also how can Air Temple Island be conqured, how? If Republic City seize control by the Equalists, hope will be lost for benders but hopefully and we hope, by the end of the season 1, Republic City, Air Temple Island, Aang's Memorial Island, and all of the lands will be brought back soon.

Just how can this happen? When I saw this, I was shocked of Amon's actions... How? How? We can never let this happen, Air Temple Island and Republic City, how? Well it was showed by how can they fall, well luckily, there is the United Forces, the mainline defense for the United Republic Council, and one good thing that made me so happy is Iroh is finally shown, not the Iroh from the original series, Iroh from the new series, he is the general of the United Forces and the grandson of Zuko. Well how can Amon take out the bending permantley, there's the clue and thanks to someone IP, 

Theory from (Found on Amon's comment page)

" I wrote this under lin beifong as a reply to everyone saying her bending is gone for good, but it really belongs here:

Why does everyone think amon is energybending. No, NO NO. Amon can't even take bending away permanently. Here is my theory based on reading, and what people have said, and because IT MAKES SENSE.

Amon blocks a chakra, not a chi, the SIXTH CHARKRA on the FOREHEAD.

It is blocked by ILLUSION. Amon gives the ILLUSION that he took someone's bending away permanently, which blocks it. Blocking the chakra, energy stops flowing, giving the illusion of permanent bending loss.

Notice how amon just strikes their forhead as a way someone would chi block. This is all it is. Not energy bending, not permanent, just advanced chi block which will go away once the illusion is lifted. They will all regain their bending back by season 2, where there is a new villain (this has been confirmed there is a new villain for sesaon 2)"

Theory from Avatar Jay (Found on his blog)

Okay, first of all, I want to say that I am now a fan of Amon. The way he was just standing there as Tarrlok reached the top of the stairs, epic! I mean, really, who expected that? When I first saw the shock in Tarrloks eyes I thought "Tenzin, Lin Beifong, an army of metelbending cops? But no, it was Amon! The bad guy took out the bad guy. I guess he didn't like Tarrlok spreading lies about his equalists. I never did like Tarrlok. But anyways, back to the point of me writing this blog. A lot of unanswered questions were answered in this last episode "Out of the Past". From what happen in Korra's flashbacks, to how Korra escaped, to Tarrlok's relation to Yakone. But when Tarrlok was using bloodbending and all the equalists fell to the ground, it had little to no effect on Amon. At first, I had no idea how he was resisting the bloodbending, but after the episode went off and I saw the trailer of the season finale, it hit me. Amon is also a bloodbender! There are a couple of reasons why I believe this to be true. (1) In the trailer during the fight between Korra and Amon, when Amon was about to remove Korra's bending, you see Mako on the ground and Korra on her knees. It appeared that neither of them were able to move and they were twitching hard, as if bloodbending was being used on them. (2) How else would Amon have resisted the bloodbending of Tarrlok? Only by unbending the blood in himself that Tarrlok was bending. The same thing happened with Katara in ATLA when she faced Hama in Book 3: (Fire) episode 8 "The Puppetmaster". Katara was a stonger waterbender then Hama, therefore, was able to prevent Hama from using bloodbending on her. Now, of course if Amon is a bloodbender, then yes, that makes him a waterbender, which would make him a liar about his past. However, that still doesn't explain how he is able to energybend. He said that the spirits gave him that abillity, but if my theory is correct he could be lying about that as well. The only way I see that being true is if a spirit that didn't like the Avatar gave him the abillity, a spirit that would be old enough to remember the art of bloodbending. the only spirit that I can think of that fits that description is Koh, the face stealer. Who knows, maybe Amon traded his face (with the exception of his eyes) for the abillity to energybend.

Also, I think I already know how that season final is gonna end. The way Korra closed her eyes right as Amon is about to take her bending away is what sparked my thought. She will remember her vision about how Avatar Aang escaped the bond of bloodbending by entering the Avatar State, and then sometime after that, when she opens her eyes she is gonna be in the Avatar State, escape the bond of bloodbending and take out Amon. That would also Introduce, what I believe will be season two, "The Avatar State" .

Of course this is just a guess on what's gonna happen based on the episode and the trailer. If that did happen, it would be epic to the fullest, not only because how cool it would be, but because I would have been right. Hahaha! If I'm wrong that is cool, because I would rather have the ending be a surprise. Besides, LOk is to unpredictable to make an assumtion like that,. But whatever does happen, I know it's gonna be epic! To the fullest!

Avatar Jay 01:20, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

Theory of Sshalwani (Last time's blog)

As I was looking at the episode again, did you see Amon, he was unstoppable, his members were defeated, but did you saw his second-in-command, I feel that was a hint somehow. My theory is that, Tarrlok and Amon plan together to make control the great Republic City. Amon is the bad, Tarrlok is the good. Tarrlok creates horrible laws for power, which makes the non-benders go with the Equalists, causing this makes the revolution more bigger, and Amon hides and comes out of the light by times and awaiting for his biggest moment yet when Tarrlok makes it. When the plan failed, he and the Equalists would come his hidden place, and that was to a trick, to get Tarrlok to safety and Korra captured. Meanwhile, when he was bloodbending them, my theory is that he did not do it to Amon but to his men, and when it zoomed to the Lietuant, it shown him down, Amon was acting and saying "the solution" just to scare Korra cause he knows Korra will hear, and his commands, as this was just a plan to capture him and Korra. When Tarrlok failed to take over Republic City by being a savior and on the good side, Amon decided it's the time to strike Republic City. So Amon and Tarrlok must be working together to get Republic City.

Onto the theories....

Well yea, you see, Amon takes the bending away by advanced chi blocking, as you see, Amon touches the chakra, both on the forehead position and neck position, it causes a illusion, which cause it to bending loss, but eventually and I hope, as he mentions, their bending will be back in Season 2, and I agree in whatever cause to this, his theory makes sense, it has to do with chakras, but I also believe in Avatar Jay too, I believe Amon and Tarrlok work together, the only way to get Tarrlok fully by him would be.... duh? Capturing and this capture that was made by Amon, I think Tarrlok was involved and Tarrlok must be hiding, he must be mysteriously be bloodbending no doubt or Yakone for I believe he can. All these great theory combine together can make a wonderous and this is it, this is how he's getting all this. Tarrlok's bending gone, I don't believe, it's a fake to me, I believe he's working on that side and somehow, someway, there's something but it's not helping. If you can help, leave your ideas on the comments page.

Republic City and Air Temple Island conquered by the hands of the Equalists

So Air Temple Island is conqured, Republic City is seized to be controlled by the Equalists, now Air Temple Island is the mainland, the most important land belonging to the Air Acolyotes and the family of Aang, the honary home built by Aang for his family. Will Amon live in Air Temple Island and reside there? It's like a king palace there, huh you know, king palace. Republic City, well it's government and system will be changed and be formed into a Equalist government, but I think Republic City will be different than the way it was said by Amon, he was overturn, he was overrule, he was make it so different than what he promised. I think this is their system...

  • Amon - Leader of Republic City
  • Lietutant - Second-in-Command as usual, leader of the forces
  • Equalists top members, ex. Hiroshi - Council
  • Equalists members - Police Force
  • Everyone - Citizens

United Forces

So as Iroh has said.

I hope that Republic City turn the tide and Iroh and his forces with reinforcement to take back Republic City alongside Avatar Korra. Now Iroh is the descendant of Zuko, he is the grandchild, now Iroh, I think of him important, I don't know but drop some ideas, it may trigger my head, he's just so important. I like the United Forces, it's like awesome to me.

Korra vs. Amon

Korra must win, when her bending's gonna be taken, her bending will never go cause I believe that her Avatar State will take over and she will take back Republic City by the Avatar State. So what you guys think, leave the comments on the page, Korra must win. I think Mako's bending will be taken, but it will come back soon I hope.

Tenzin and his family residing

I have only one thing in my mind where Tenzin and his family are, he are at the Southern Water Tribe, the only place left where they have Katara and Tenzin's half culture, Water Tribe, or maybe travel around the United Republic of Nations till the three days are up and they come back to get them back. I think maybe too, that they are just outside of Republic City hiding in the forest or somewhere with enough food to last them a month I hope with other supplies for help and for the baby. Also, they are the only last airbenders, they must been secured for they must be preserved. Hope they make it through.

Lin Beifong and her bending

She has the same traits and skills as her mom, Toph Beifong, and she lost to Amon, and her bending's taken away, just to sacrifice for the Avatar and that's good and all, but Toph, she would stop Amon and that is what Lin should have done, stop Amon and take them down, she failed but I think her as a best but she's just not making it through cause their is a problem in her inner self which is causing this to two things.....

  • Lose of bending to Amon, meaning lose everything that he trained and everything that her mother taught.
  • She loses everything that she earns in place. That's so sad.

Well I hope her bending returns... I really hope so, just like Meelo, "she's my hero." too.


The longest blog, alot of questions in my mind about this episode, Turning the Tides, hope it's back to normal and I hope they're bending still survives with them. I can't wait but I can't watch Korra and Amon take her bending, hope it's all well. Well that's all, well comment and enjoy. This is my longest blog yet, I have so many questions in my head.... alot!!!! Bye!

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