Korra will face Amon in the last episode, do you guys have any clue of what may happen? I heard one say that she will go to the Avatar State, one said that he may airbend Amon, my theory is that she will be in the Avatar State....... I really hope she does. Well you guys should read my theories and check
File:The Legend Of Korra Season Finale Promo! HD!
for I think you may find out, well comment on my wall and tell us what you guys think....

Do you think Korra win or will Amon recieve what he needs? Of course, Korra will win!!

UPDATE: I had a talk with the ATLA fan site and he's gonna tell us about Korra so I will let you all know soon.

For now, tell us know what you think and here's my theories....

Theory 1 Theory 2     Theory 3

So enjoy and if you want, talk whatever, this is a free area, so go ahead!!

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