The wiki needs a new system, a system that needs to be put to this wiki, this system is called the Avatar Wiki Council for Justice, where all five councilmen will work together along with adminstators and bureacuats, along wih rollbacks if required. Of course, they have limited power cause it would cause unbalance, so all five councilman will have no power but only as regular powers, anyone is allowed to be councilmen, as long as they have no history of vandalism and blocks, ask questions of Avatar Wiki, and how shall his contribution help the council?

System of the Council

In this council we will also have a

  • chairman - someone that will announce that it's official, shall be the main councilmen and shall not decline his decision unless a right is permitted rightfully. Shall be decided by the contributing the council and shall understand the council system and respect all laws.
  • councilmen - representative from one of the five groups

representative one - New Users

representative two - Existing Users

representative three - Rollbacks

representative four - Adminstators

representative five - the free user, anyone that understand the system, accepts rules and shall be given a test to check if he shall be accepted. (Councilmen Sshalwani to be as fivth and chairman till he is inactive.)

If user left the position for more than one week than there is no choice but to take out and re-elect vote for the councilmen, if excuse is made, there shall be a substitute councilmen that watches, notes, and let the councilmen know. If chairman left positions for more than one day, they are immediatley taken, if excused, the councilmen shall be substitute till the chairman arrives back to the position.

Once law is made, it shall be shown to adminstators and burecuats to let them know and decide if this is right, if accepted, the law shall be fully added and changed, if not, council shall use 2/3 to change and send back, if still not accepted, the law is to be abolished.

Responsibilties of the Council

The responsibilties of the councilmens is

  • Listen to the citizens, their group - Have a word for them, listen to what they need to say, anything that is needed if they got rejected, the Council can help and let the law be accepted.
  • Vandalism - Help stop vandalism.
  • Work with councilmen - Agree or Disagree with the decison created by the other councilmen, only have one time to decide, if not sure, they shall let know and decide soon, if not then the law is fully non-changed unless required.

Chairman does the same job for the council as the councilmen, but have one other thing job, which is to execute once made and decide if right or wrong, mark the case done.

Citizens or Witnesses are welcome to help tell information to make lawyers have more detail of how it occured.


Each councilmen shall request for position, shall be asked questions, if 75% percent right, they shall be accepted, along with a talk with the chairman of this reason, then they shall be added to the council system or taken out by councilmen for a reason, taken out of the process of being councilmen. Soon when the system is more better, the councilmen have to be nominated by the users to make sure that they are right, each councilmen will have to talk or communicate and know of them in order to get nominated, following the same prodecures as for now.

Ending the blog

As first, since I have created this system and requesting to be accepted and used, I shall be Chairman, to be known as Councilmen Sshalwani or Councilmen Sameer (since that's my name). This system is excellent and fine way to be used. We shall keep this wiki extra better cause thanks to this. Help this and we will work together to make the wiki a better and safer environment. Thank you, Councilmen Sameer

Yes check Done : Since all of you do kind of have a point, a big chance has been made to the council by the former chairman and councilmen and will help accept the council into the wiki.

Yes check Done: Another change by Chairman Sameer, this is important.

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