Korra is already coming to a end... only 7 days left and then... BOOM!!! End..... Me and my dad don't want that, we want Korra to contine but what can we do? So we have to wait (only thing) till Season 2 begins.

Is anyone interested to know what is Amon's endgame, anyone? Amon's endgame will be his last, and then it will end, right to the ground. If Korra loses her bending? We'll all be horrified, ain't I right. 'Fraid this can't happen, what do you think will happen to Korra when Amon tries to take her bending? Here my guess.... this is what I've been waiting for..... AVATAR STATE....!!!! A avatar is a gate between the spiritual and physicial world, no doubt, I believe she never lose her bending, and the Avatars will help her to defeat the enemy, Amon. Well I think, Amon will learn then, and Tarrlok will never change in my guess, he will continue, continue even through his bending's gone.

Has anyone wondered what season two will be? Has anyone?? I've been thinking, would be the traids, would it happen outside of Republic City... Korra and the Team Avatar travel around the world, now that'll be exciting. Will their be Katara and Zuko's apperance? I hope so... Aren't there so many questions, are you guys thrilled? I am, really can't wait for shockwave, the shockdown, the big finale, the big battle between Korra and Amon... "I will destroy you." Quote from Amon.

No way, the Avatar will lose, she will win, she will win and bring him down to the knees, but good thought, what if Republic City is taken over? Will she have no choice but think of someway to get Republic City freed? So may questions in my head... Here's another thing in my head, I think Amon will win, but Korra and Team Avatar will try to conquer back Republic City, like the statue of Aang now masked with Amon, everything like the council will change, but I think in the end of Season 1, which is coming tomorrow, she will fail, by Season 2, she'll fall more, but by Season 3, Republic City will be conquered by the Avatar and will be back to normal. Just like Aang, Fire Nation kept spreading, so the Equalists will work to spread, no one can stop them even the Avatar but by the end of Season 3, she will free the world from Amon's hands. What do you guys think? Cause if Amon's gone by Season 1, what will go on Season 2? Amon's the big thing, so Amon is the main antagonist, the main for the series, the thing that Korra has to go through in the series, just like Aang did. Ain't I correct? So many questions still in my head.

Well that's all folks, have you known why Stark Industries has made a Stark Tower, cause they wanna show the world of the Starks, and I am a Stark, the Avatar, I am Aang in my dreams. I am the Avatar!! I know I am... Well that's all folks!! Goodnight!! :)

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