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  • Sshalwani

    I, Sshalwani have returned from inactivity, learning through things, and returned to do other things in this wiki, but also continue my previous work, I have successfully complete a whole story on my fanon, and have discovered ways to help the wiki. Sorry to Thailog and Vulmen and The 888th Avatar. During my blocking period and inactivity, I have been focusing more onto Marvel learning of some of the work there in the Wikia, made a successful outline and part script to Joss Whedon for the Avengers 2, which I hope to become, looked at other successful wikia such as SpongeBob Wikia, which now turned into Spongebob Universe with a form of government under the head, called Director in Chief, iDylan. I have worked on my writings, and during the…

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  • Sshalwani

    The Pro-Bending League is a group made by the user, Sokka jr. Members of the league are, Sokka jr. as Chairman, (me) Sshalwani as Announcer, SparksFromHades and Momoam15 as League Official. Part of the user group is to bring community spirit to the users in this wiki by doing trivia contests, well there it is, we are going to begun... THE 1ST TRIVIA CONTEST!

    These are the trivia questions for this week's contest, they will be updated every week. If you wanna answer it, answer by commenting, messaging either me or Sokka jr, maybe you can IRC when I come as Sshalwani, or Sokka jr access.

    1. How many times did the cabbage merchant scream "My cabbages!" during ATLA?

    2. What was the name of the firebender who burned down Jet's village?

    3. How many bom…

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  • Sshalwani

    Well' I''m back!!I I couldn't blog cause it I had a fight over bringing back the comments, which should but I withdraw my support and wishing to never let it go away. Sorry to you all supporters but if gone permant, I will do action. Well let's get on the topics.

    As you all should be knowing, the White Lotus Sentries is a news made by the user, Master Ratava. She/he is a remarkable user and I believe that her White Lotus Sentries idea will be a success. As part of the White Lotus Sentries, I will be accepting any offers of fanons and news and I will do my best to add to the sentries. Positions are kinda still open and once done.

    Remarkable episode to me, the shocking was Amon is Noatak who is Yakone's son, it was also shocking that Yakone even …

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  • Sshalwani

    Korra will face Amon in the last episode, do you guys have any clue of what may happen? I heard one say that she will go to the Avatar State, one said that he may airbend Amon, my theory is that she will be in the Avatar State....... I really hope she does. Well you guys should read my theories and check for I think you may find out, well comment on my wall and tell us what you guys think....

    Do you think Korra win or will Amon recieve what he needs? Of course, Korra will win!!

    UPDATE: I had a talk with the ATLA fan site and he's gonna tell us about Korra so I will let you all know soon.

    For now, tell us know what you think and here's my theories....

    Theory 1 Theory 2     Theory 3

    So enjoy and if you want, talk whatever, this is a free area, so…

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  • Sshalwani

    So I was minding my business in the wiki, I was helping mostly in the Team Beifong page and watching to see if no one deletes it or does more help in editing and working on what I do, computering. Suddenly I saw Master R., she/he made a idea in the forum and I was like, why don't I check it out, so I went to that forum, I read all of it, I even checked the page that he made it, the idea was half bad, it was great and I said, so why don't we do it and this can help me too. So I did, now I'm advertising this to let all you know of the idea, don't comment here, so to the forum here. Maybe you can help as well, huh. Well folks that'll all the I got, well this week and I hope soon, I will write a bigger and more informative of Korra and all tha…

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