After putting much more thought into the matter, i think i've finally discovered where my recent uncertainty towards the Avatar franchise comes from. 

When the original series first came out, it took me some warming up at first (because i initially discarded it as your average action/comedy show), but, by the second season (my dislike for how certain scenes in Season one's final four episodes notwithstanding), the show pretty much had me on-board as a fan. Admittedly, the show did do some scenes that i did not care for, but, ultimately, i still enjoyed it, to the point where i would watch it whenever it was on. I even recorded the Avatar Extras episode onto disc. 

But sometime after the show ended, I (like many other fans) imagined what would become of the characters after the Sozin's Comet special. In the ideas that i came up with (some of which involved the children of Team Avatar) Aang was portrayed as a wise and heroically noble figure. A similar POV around Aang, along with the other OS cast members, would also be present in other two fanon ideas: 

1. Aang and the rest of the cast (Sokka, Katara, Toph, Suki, Zuko and Mai) would be brought to a pocket dimension, where an all-powerful, inter-dimensional being would show them a "Ghost of Christmas Past" view of all the events that took place during the Original Series. This would coincide with the exact same thing happening to the cast(s) of Xiaolin Showdown and/or W.I.T.C.H. 

2. A crossover between Avatar and Xiaolin Showdown, and/or W.I.T.C.H. 

So, when Legend of Korra came out, i was a little bit worried about how they were gonna talk about Aang, now that Korra's the Avatar in charge. At first, it felt like i was worried over nothing, since whenever Aang was mentioned in Book 1, it was always with respect. But when i actually read the first of the books supposedly bridging the two shows, The Promise, the idea that Aang was the one in the wrong while everyone preaching against him was right just opened too many negative windows for my imagination. The same thing is currently happening with "The Rift". I guess what i'm trying to say is, i like to come up with fanon story ideas where i can praise the main protagonists as the heroes they truly seem to be in my eyes. But when emphasis is placed on the character's flaws and mistakes, it becomes too easy for my mind to come up with ways to embarrass them or make them look bad. 

This was already happening in my fanon idea #1 and it's really getting to me. Things have gotten even worse since they introduced this "Aang wasn't a great dad" idea. 

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