I have to admit, i have not truly been able to read this book yet, and until my "funds" increase next month, i won't be able to buy the book to read it either. However, after hearing what i've heard so far, i'm on the brink of insanity.

Don't get me wrong, i loved this show, and i was interested to get involved in this post-series book series. But quite frankly, the writers are leaving me with too big of a need for closure.

I could've handled the way the first part of the Promise ended, but after seeing Mai and Zuko break-up, Suki and Zuko having that "moment", and even Aang and Katara having a conflict, it's driving me nuts. Now lets face it, we all know Aang and Katara are meant to be together (Tenzin and his siblings are proof of that), but i'm worried about how the writers are gonna handle this "fallout" of theirs, especially since i read that Aang is going to make a "heartbreaking decision" to figure things out on his own (though i'm hoping that this is a reference to his relationship with Roku, not Katara).

The point of the matter is, i need actually closure;

Who's in the right here: Aang or Zuko? (from what i've read, it's starting to sound like Zuko's more in the right than Aang)

Will Mai and Zuko ever be together again?

How does all of this bode for Aang and Katara?

What does Azula have to do with all of this?

Will anyone in this story really have any real closure?

It's all just so maddening

Also, and i know that this is more of a personal thing, i occasionally have ideas regarding this show (fanon really) but with the franchise offering more and more twists and turns and giving the show more details, my ideas continue to become more and more unlikely.

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