I just have to get this out of the way. When i first heard about this series, i was one of many fans eager to see it, and when i saw the first two episodes when they were leaked out online, i did enjoy it. But when i downloaded them and watched them for a second time, the scene with Chief Beifong began to eat away at my mind and imagination (these days when i see something on TV, my active imagination starts to run wild and often causes me to rewrite the events of the episode and put the characters in more embarrassing situations. This applies especially when I feel the main characters were jerked around alot already). I tried to pay it no mind, but it didn't work, eventually, when episode 3 came out, i started to feel better about the show. But once episode 4 aired, my feelings regarding it started to be hazy at best (certain scenes of that episode didn't really agree with me). Episode 5 in particular gave me a curve ball, now i'm not sure what to feel about this show.

Episode 6 was better than i had feared and episode 7 wasn't bad either (though the ladder did have certain scenes that made my mind go wild). But based on the little information i was given about episode 8, i'm not sure what to expect. Don't get me wrong, i know this show is supposed to be different, more mature, than the last one, but frankly, i'm starting to have mixed feelings about it.

But my biggest problem with this series is that after what i've seen here, i don't think i can look at the original series in the same light as before. Whenever i think about Aang's adventures, the main thing that seems to come to mind is Korra.

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