When Avatar first came out, after a few episodes i was pretty much hooked on it. It was just a phenomenal show, my only gripes about it during its initial run were in regards to the episode where things got rough for certain characters. I could let those moments slide, if only to a degree, but they still dogged me to a considerably annoying level. 

When i heard about Legend of Korra, my main concern was about how it seemed like the series was trying to make Korra seem superior to Aang. That clearly wasn't the case, but certain aspects of this series also dog me to certain degree.

However, lately, my thoughts regarding Avatar have been mainly discombobulated by the turn out of "The Promise" Trilogy. The ending of it made Aang the one in the wrong and as someone who doesn't care for episodes and stories where the hero takes a lot of punishment, that was a little disconcerting. I know it had a more or less happy ending for Aang, but until i see something that makes up for what happened in "The Promise", my feelings regarding Avatar are (pun intended) off balance

On a related topic, i've always been a believer in a crossover between Avatar and Xiaolin Showdown, but in addition to this show frequently doing things that make that sort of crossover unlikely, my biggest problem is my vivid imagination making certain characters say or do things that go against their established characters. (A common problem i've been having whenever i think about any show).

Does anyone want to comment on my prediciment?

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