• Srebak

    After putting much more thought into the matter, i think i've finally discovered where my recent uncertainty towards the Avatar franchise comes from. 

    When the original series first came out, it took me some warming up at first (because i initially discarded it as your average action/comedy show), but, by the second season (my dislike for how certain scenes in Season one's final four episodes notwithstanding), the show pretty much had me on-board as a fan. Admittedly, the show did do some scenes that i did not care for, but, ultimately, i still enjoyed it, to the point where i would watch it whenever it was on. I even recorded the Avatar Extras episode onto disc. 

    But sometime after the show ended, I (like many other fans) imagined what woul…

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  • Srebak

    When Avatar first came out, after a few episodes i was pretty much hooked on it. It was just a phenomenal show, my only gripes about it during its initial run were in regards to the episode where things got rough for certain characters. I could let those moments slide, if only to a degree, but they still dogged me to a considerably annoying level. 

    When i heard about Legend of Korra, my main concern was about how it seemed like the series was trying to make Korra seem superior to Aang. That clearly wasn't the case, but certain aspects of this series also dog me to certain degree.

    However, lately, my thoughts regarding Avatar have been mainly discombobulated by the turn out of "The Promise" Trilogy. The ending of it made Aang the one in the w…

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  • Srebak

    I have to admit, i have not truly been able to read this book yet, and until my "funds" increase next month, i won't be able to buy the book to read it either. However, after hearing what i've heard so far, i'm on the brink of insanity.

    Don't get me wrong, i loved this show, and i was interested to get involved in this post-series book series. But quite frankly, the writers are leaving me with too big of a need for closure.

    I could've handled the way the first part of the Promise ended, but after seeing Mai and Zuko break-up, Suki and Zuko having that "moment", and even Aang and Katara having a conflict, it's driving me nuts. Now lets face it, we all know Aang and Katara are meant to be together (Tenzin and his siblings are proof of that), b…

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  • Srebak

    Aang's Real Legacy

    August 14, 2012 by Srebak

    Aang did many good things in his life (at least i think so), but when all is said and done, what has become his real legacy

    The fact that he ended the 100 yr War?

    The fact that he helped create the United Republic of Nations?

    The enormous statue that still stands in Republic City?

    His victory over Yakone?


    His three children?

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  • Srebak

    Now i know i'm not the only who's made this connection (in fact, i've brought this up at a few other places on the internet), so i'm bringing it up here.

    As anybody who's watched both shows would know both show combine the martial arts genre with the four traditional elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air (or Wind in Xiaolin Showdown's case). However, there's point in trying to deny it, Avatar is clearly the better show. It has real serious tones, gives real dimmension to the characters and the animation and Martial Art moves are all just done beautifully.

    Still though, one thing i have to give Xiaolin Showdown is that because of its ambiguous tendencies, it leaves a lot for the fans to imagine for themselves. And for budding writers, that jus…

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