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  • Spo55

    Guess Who's Back? Back Again!

    September 19, 2011 by Spo55

    And it's not Shady! It's me, Spo55! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack, and better than ever (Not really cause I lost all my sort of high rankings and a lot of respect...) My summer was chock full of stuff, and I just couldn't be on the wiki during the start of high school, which was CRAZY! But I'm here, celebrate, or don't, or just laugh at this crazy guy a lot of you don't even know. But hey, I'm back, ready to help the wiki!

    • Thumb's up if you got the Just Lose It reference above!
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  • Spo55

    So, TAD, Lovelyb0nes, myself, and some other users were talking about how bad the actual Avatar movie is, and how bad the upcoming one will most likely be. And, then, TAD had a brilliant idea. Some users could band together and come up with our own script for The Last Airbender 2! KaneC has already started something like this, so we'll be basing our work of him!

    These people have told us that they want to help with this project.

    • Theavatardemotivator
    • Lovelyb0nes
    • Spo55
    • Skybender101
    • Lego Lord

    These people are those who we want to help us with this project.

    • The Bos
    • Vulmen
    • KaneC

    If you would like to be a part of this project, contact TAD or myself for more information.

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  • Spo55

    This is kind of like what TAD did for his fanon, Daughter of Ashes and Air. If you would like to receive a notice on your talk page when the next chapter comes out, then leave me a message here!


    Moon Beam

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  • Spo55

    The First Antibender is a new upcoming fanon by Toph Lover. It focuses on how Jamie, the only non-bender in his large family, is thought of as a worthless child because he can’t bend. His father hates his boy, and punishes him harshly for every single wrongdoing he does, most of them very petty. Jamie himself despises all bending, especially Earthbending. He dreams of leading a group of people that would turn the world into what Jamie envisions. Jamie is only supported by his 15-year-old sister Misaki, who tries to protect him from his awful father. The rating for this story are as follows:

    Story: A-

    Characters: A++

    Keeps you Reading: A

    Personalities: B

    Progression: A+

    No offense is intended by my reviews, this is just the way I rate it!

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  • Spo55

    No Fanon for Aang?

    March 5, 2011 by Spo55

    Hey everybody! You know that there are fanons that are background stories for certain characters, including The Eyes of Katara, The Way Sokka Sees It, Zuko's Life, In Azula's MInd and more! But, there are none of these fanons for Aang! He's the main character, and he has no background story fanon! Why do you think this is?

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