lets start off by saying am not racist so dont even play that card i just reallly feel you owe it to the fans to write and cast the movie the way every one fell in love with it so my frist problem is why is the fire nation middle eastern decent and the southern water tribe is white am sure since avatar is one of my favorite cartoons that i remember it was the other way around so that need to be changed uncle iroh is not a shaun toub he was a white short chubby old man with lost of ass kicking skills and knowledge and dave patel is so not a zuko hears a thought dave patel should play sokka dam he look just like sokka in the carttoon maybe cus he has the ame skin tone

secondly about noah ringer he just great as the avatar the look the moves he is a perfect fit in appearance but all the trailers you released so far he not smiling in none of them avatar was a young kid who love to joke around and be happy all the time and only got mad when you hurt his friends or it was time for a serious battle eveytime you guys see a clip of him is angry maybe all the clips yall showed he was doing martial arts but light up on the anger a little

3rdly where is appa???

o and there is more i just dont want to bog to be to long but theses are some of the major things that need to be changed people lets please stand together to m night wont ruin one of our favorite carttoons ever please post and respond your comments and arguments

avatar can be one the best moves of 2010 but the way its looking it looks like its going to be a flop am still going to see it just cus it avatar but believe me am going in with very low expectations

M night! is this going to be another movie you going to ruin please dont and just listen to the fans

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