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Compelling, Strong, New.

These three words sum up the work of art that is The First in a Long Line by Fruipit, and these same three words constitute the only argument you need persuade others to read this fanon. The diction is superb, and the prose flows like a bubbling brook; no jagged turns or dead ends. Fruipit has really mastered the art of storytelling.

So we welcome Fruipit here today. Welcome, Fruipit! Let's see together how my first shot at interviewing goes. I have but a few questions for you regarding your fanon.

First off lets get some formalities taken care of. How are you faring today?

I'm very well, thank you. Almost finished my 40 hour famine, and so I have been signing to people all day. Very interesting, let me tell you! How are you today, or yesterday, or tomorrow, depending on these blasted time zones?
Well, I must say, that is quite the achievement. Kudos to you! As for how I'm doing, let's see...I was doing mighty fine yesterday. Today, however, has been quite the hectic day, but thanks for asking. That's kind of you.

So, let's get started on some questions!

Q - I couldn't help but notice that there is an recurring theme of women's rights/priviledges compared to men; what gave you the inspiration to write this fanon?

A - I'm a female, so I guess that contributed to it. I like the idea of an independent woman, probably because they can add a unique twist. I also liked the idea of a woman being chosen, personally, to be the first human vessel of the spirit of the Avatar.

Q - There is a lot of story rooted in fact, particularly the Water Tribe Culture and the Spirit World, how much work did you put into researching?

A - Well, the Water Tribe culture always interested me. I mean, they don't have an original bender, per se, they are the least technologically, and culturally advanced, and they still held onto ridiculous customs, such as arranged marriages. But, they do protect the most spiritual place in the entire world. I liked the idea that the Avatar's spirit once resided there, too. So, I wrote about it. I didn't actually research the Water Tribe much. I built on the ideas that Bryke had already placed there. I did, however, do a lot of research on names. Names to me are very important. Kaio, for instance, using the right Kanji, means Water Hero. It took me about 2 hours to find the right mixture of sounds and meanings. Inna is actually a male Russian name, but it means 'Strong Water', and so, I used it.

Q - I know that "writer's block" is a prevalent problem experienced by most "human" writers. How easily did the plot come to you? Did you have any particularly bad spells of "writer's block"?

A - The first chapter came quite easily. I wrote pages and pages of it, and I loved it. But, as I wrote it down again, a lot changed. The plot now is no where near what it was. So much has changed. For the past few weeks, I have had some writers block. But, I have a whole OneNote page filled with excerpts that I read to get inspiration. If I don't like something, it goes there, until I can't use it. I just leave the story if it gets too bad, and come back to it later.

Q - Are any of your characters (Inna, Kaio, etc) based off of real life people you know; yourself perhaps?

A - Umm, Kaio, I think, is based off me. Just his mannerisms, how he reacts to things. I mean, he's very quiet and timid, only really opening up around his best friend, Inna. I guess Kaio is also who I want to be, too. But the other characters aren't really based off anyone else. I gain inspiration from people who I have seen and interacted with, and a little bit of each person goes into my characters. It's not always a negative thing, either.

Q - I perused your main page, and noticed the name, Zhīdào Suŏyŏu Shuí, which made me very curious. Where did you get the inspiration for that name?

A - Ahah, Google Translate. Seriously. I typed in random words relating to who I want that character to be. For instance, that name stands for something similar to "He who knows and watches all". I know who he is, and what he is going to do, but he won't be introduced for a long time, let me tell you that.

Q - From your perspective, who do you think would be most likely to read your fanon?

A - People who like a love story, I guess. I am working towards adding more action in, though. Next chapter, or that chapter after that, I swear. I didn't write this for anyone though. I wrote, and write, merely what I want to. It doesn't bother me if other people don't enjoy it, r don't want to read it because of the bad romance. Also, the really bad pop culture references (see previous sentence).

Q - Projecting foward, how many chapters do you plan on writing?

A - No idea. Haven't the foggiest. Until I get bored of it, I guess. The furthest away I've planned is probably another 4 chapters of writing, but after that, I haven't actually decided what I'm doing.

Q - If you had to rate your fanon from a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst ;) what would you rate it?

A - Oh, I can't answer that! And I won't answer it either. As the author, I'm constantly critiquing my work, and it is far from perfect. Let the Fanon Review Squad work that one out!

That about sums up all the questions! Many thanks Fruipit for coming today, I enjoyed the responses, truly. Good luck to you as you continue writing the rest of your fanon!

No, thank you! It was wonderful answering these questions!

Eat Special K! Message Wall My FanonSprite 05:39, August 20, 2012 (UTC)

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