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  • I was born on August 16
  • I am Male
  • Specialk16

    Compelling, Strong, New.

    These three words sum up the work of art that is The First in a Long Line by Fruipit, and these same three words constitute the only argument you need persuade others to read this fanon. The diction is superb, and the prose flows like a bubbling brook; no jagged turns or dead ends. Fruipit has really mastered the art of storytelling.

    So we welcome Fruipit here today. Welcome, Fruipit! Let's see together how my first shot at interviewing goes. I have but a few questions for you regarding your fanon.

    First off lets get some formalities taken care of. How are you faring today?

    I'm very well, thank you. Almost finished my 40 hour famine, and so I have been signing to people all day. Very interesting, let me tell you! How areā€¦

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