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    Welcome to the newest edition of the Pro-Bending Challenge! I am your new host, SparksFromHades, because our original, Sokka Jr., has sadly needed to resign. I will strive to be as successful as him and continue to preserve the spirit of the Pro-Bending Challenge! Here are this week's questions:

    1. In the beginning of the episode "The Headband", what does Team Avatar disguise themselves as, when they approach the fire nation? The key word is approach.

    2. How many times does Iroh attempt to attack Aang in the series?

    3. How many buttons are on Amon's shirt?

    4. From left to right, what order are the members of the White Lotus standing in behind Iroh as he prepares to destroy the Great Wall of Ba Sing Se in "Sozin's Comet"?

    5. Roughly how many seconds d…

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  • SparksFromHades

    Does anybody remember that time all those years ago when we first saw Azula generate lightning? It was in the season two episode The Avatar State, and it was pretty awesome. I'm guessing your mouth was drooling, just like mine! Even though the attack lasted just five seconds, it gave all of us a strange sense of wonder and curiosity. We wanted to see more of this epic technique, and the creators listened and fed us with more. The lightning powered our imagination. I believe it still does, even to this day years later...

    I have decided to devise a long list containing a bunch of fancy theoretical bending techniques. This list is unique and made from ones I thought of on my own. Please note that a lot of these are probably too extravagant to be…

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  • SparksFromHades

    General Iroh. The fat but wise and inspirational uncle to Zuko we've all come to cherish and love so much in The Last Airbender. Despite his scarily capacious lower torso and occasional moments of idiotic decisions (look immediately to photo at right), I think we can all honestly say that he is among the Avatar fanbase's most beloved characters. I'm not sure if anybody has quite been able to pin down why that's so. Maybe it's his sayings and proverbs, his laughs and jokes, his past and personality that makes him hard to hate. I don't know. None of us know. If we know anything, it's that he's fat. :)

    But one thing keeps coming time and time again to my mind about Iroh, and surprisingly, it's not his weight. This thought keeps frustrating me, an…

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