Mako and Korra the two who make up the ship Makorra.

Today we fans of Avatar were awarded with pictures and more information on Season 2 like.....

  • Korra will venture out into the Spirit world in Book 2.
  • Asami takes over her fathers Satomobile business.
  • Bumi will be in the Southern Watertribe too, with his pink earmuffs.
  • We will see more of Korra’s parents in Book 2.
  • Pro-Bending will return and two new players are seen with Bolin.
  • Korra can successfully go in and out of the Avatar State with ease to help herself and others.
  • Mako becomes a cop.
  • Korra is mentored by her uncle, who lives in the Northern Watertribe.
  • ‘Spirit Creatures’ seem to be one of the season’s antagonists.
  • Two writers from The Last Airbender were brought in to work on Season 2 so Bryan can focus more on design and art.
But what caught my intrest was the picture storyboard drawing of Mako and Korra it shows Korra turning away from Mako while looking upset.
File:Tumblr m6gr8gn6c41r9rlr7.png

While looking up information on this here's what someone said on a tumblr.

(Just because neither of them seem very happy in these three panels does not, I repeat, does not mean they’re breaking up. This is definitely not the first time in the series we’ve seen Mako and Korra wear those kinds of expressions. The latest of which was when Mako went out to comfort her near the end of the season finale, and there were several other occasions before that.)

(Remember, people, originally there was never going to be a season two. That means it’s safe to assume Makorra was supposed to be endgame. Until we know more about the plot and the context of Book 2, this scene is really not worth freaking out over. It’s almost too early to even start theorizing about it.)

But what if Mako and Korra break-up due to Mako becoming a cop and Korra with her Avatar duties they will be pretty far away from each other, and long-distance relationships don't work out great and people normally end them so it's possible Mako and Korra might break-up.

So what should we do celebrate or form an angry mob at this possible break-up

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? Theories?

P.S This is a speculation I do not work in the LOK Staff and calm down

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